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About Us


It happened one day when Shalini was sitting close to the Arabian Sea and pondering about life and the reason why she was here. The purpose of her life emerged as a seed and it was to start a National Brand and reach the extreme remote parts of India.

After a ten year sabbatical for two of her most precious jewels in the crown, her daughters Diya and Ishika, Shalini decided to get back to work. She decided to give up the export business and put all her energies into her dream. She started her lingerie brand with the one element that always touched her heart ‘Love’ Heart 2 Heart as the name suggests is the love that she wishes to share with each and every customer they have. They want a connect with their audience as they promote love,peace,happiness and harmony. The products developed or source are of superior quality, crafted with love.

Sunil on the other hand has been the backbone of this vision of his wife. He has always believed in Women Power and given wings to his wife to  dream fly and achieve. He has supported her in every endeavour and given his expertise to their brand. His strength lies in his 20 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing export quality nightwear.

One could easily call him the Sleep Expert.

Together the duo team up to create their dream baby Heart 2 Heart.

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